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People use crystals for different purposes. Some use them to relax their soul, mind, and body because they believe that crystals have some type of energy that they emit into the outer world. Many people like to wear them for fashion.

So what’s next?

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are using them, You should make the most out of them. Crystals travel a long distance from mining to the end user. So, we will share useful tips and methods to cleanse them.



Years of Experience

Sally Middleton

Gem Specialist

Meet Sally Middleton, a dedicated crystal enthusiast with a profound connection to the world of gemstones. For the past several years, Sally has been captivated by the enchanting allure of crystals, delving deep into their mystical properties and energies. Her journey was ignited by an innate passion for spirituality and a keen interest in astrology.

With a relentless drive to understand the transformative potential of crystals, Sally has devoted herself to studying these remarkable gems. Her extensive knowledge of crystals and their holistic benefits has made her a trusted authority in the field.

Sally finds immense joy in sharing her experiences with crystals and helping others enhance their personal well-being and spiritual growth through the power of these precious stones. Her authentic enthusiasm for crystal work shines through in her writing, making her an inspiring and reliable source of information.

Sally Middleton

As the founder of “cleanyourcrystals.com,” Sally is committed to providing valuable insights, guidance, and resources for crystal enthusiasts and seekers of spiritual enlightenment. Her dedication to the world of crystals and her genuine desire to assist others on their journeys make Sally Middleton a remarkable and inspiring figure in crystal healing.

Crystals Types and Our Research

Crystals Types and Our Research
Crystals Types

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Cleaning your crystals is like taking them to the spa. It rejuvenates their energy and revitalizes their beauty. If you want to know more about your crystals, you can contact us or fill in the form below.

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