Blue Tiger Eyes Meaning, Benefits and Properties

If you are fond of gems and want to explore the mystery behind them. You are studying the right article, especially if you are interested in blue tiger eyes meaning. Those wondering about the properties and benefits of tiger blue eyes crystal should read the information provided below.

Blue Tiger Eye’s benefits, properties, and effects have been known to people around the world for ages. It has been known for centuries to cast its good luck spell on its owner.   

Gems and their effects have not all been tested in the research laboratories. Their impact and knowledge are derived from observations and gem specialists’ recommendations and passed on from generation to generation.

Blue Tiger Eyes Meaning

The term “blue tiger eyes” isn’t a traditional or widely recognized term in folklore, metaphysics, or gemology. However, both “blue” and “tiger’s eye” have individual symbolic meanings, and I’ll provide insights into each.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Tiger’s eye is a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown color and a silky luster. It’s commonly used as a gemstone in jewelry and is believed to possess various metaphysical properties. Some of the commonly associated meanings and properties include:

Protection: Many believe that the tiger’s eye can protect from negative energies and ward off the evil eye.

Grounding: It’s thought to help ground an individual and stabilize their emotions.

Courage & Strength: The stone is believed to provide courage, strength, and personal power to its wearer.

Mental Clarity: Some use the tiger’s eye to help clear mental blocks and solve problems objectively.

Blue Color

Across different cultures and philosophies, the color blue can represent various concepts:

Calmness & Peace: Blue often symbolizes serenity, stability, and peace.

Communication: Lighter shades of blue crystal, especially in the chakra system, are associated with the throat chakra, representing communication and expression.

Intuition: Darker blues can symbolize depth, trust, intuition, and wisdom.

Truth: Blue is also seen as a color of truth and clarity.

Blue Tiger Other Names

There are some more names dedicated to this crystal, such as Hawks Eye, Falcon’s Eye, Falcon’s Eye, silicified crocidolite, etc. The variation in name is also attributed to the variation in chemical compositions that bring different color combinations.  

Blue Tiger Other Names

Significance of Tiger Blue Eyes Crystal

Blue tiger eyes crystal is not new to the world. It dates back to centuries-old discoveries. It is amongst the strongest gems that provide positive energy to the surroundings and bearer. It brings aqua blue calmness as its color depicts.

This calmness serenates the soul, body, and environment in all general and specific aspects. Hence, it is known to bring balance against many negative characteristics.

These could be personal, emotional, and spiritual. In short, this stone is often used to treat anxious minds and restless spirits.  

Properties of Blue Tiger Eyes 


Viewing the stone with the naked eye brings the same freshness to the eyes as you would experience while watching the boundless waters. Most properties are attributed to the linkage it creates between two brain hemispheres.

As a result, there is enhanced coordination between the two for better insight, intellectual work, and behavior control. This explains its role in controlling the negativism better than many other crystals of its clan.  


Well, chemically, it is crocidolite. These chemicals can resist moisture and temperature fluctuations to some extent. Thus, this enables the crystal to undergo and withstand various cleansing and charging methods. 


It plays with your intuition and critical thinking as sharply as it controls the outraging negative vibes. It brings everything to peace and harmony.

Hence, it has the unique property of putting together spiritual solid awakening and emotional uplifts. In a nutshell, intuition is fed with satisfaction and stays better connected to its surroundings.  


Emotional outrage, anxieties, phobias, fears, and all other imbalanced behaviors are brought under the strict rule of this gem. It handles them all very well. The treatment given by this crystal is practical, strong, and persistent.  


Tiger Blue Eyes is affiliated with the throat chakra. Thus, it opens fluency, promotes communication, and overcomes any difficulties regarding the candid approach to life. It is also associated with 3rd eye chakra of wit and wisdom.  

Compatibility with other Gems

It may be worn or utilized with other stones. However, it is not known to cause any adverse reaction with most crystals.

Nevertheless, it should not be worn with smoky quartz. Both possess very high energies, so balance energies are disturbed.  

Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

Capricorn and Leo are two of the most compatible zodiac stars that match their properties. Capricorn falls under highly ambitious and hard-working signs. However, this passion and ambition with strong-headedness disturbs the balance between work and life. To fix it, people with this sign prefer to wear it. All credit to its calmness properties.  

Benefits of Blue Tiger Eyes

Considering its immense strong properties, it has a vast spectrum of benefits, too. Let’s see how it can positively influence different aspects of your life. Hold on!

The flight to Blue Tiger Eyes Benefits is ready to leave!  

Benefits of blue tiger eyes

Physical therapy

As mentioned, it belongs to 3rd chakra of wisdom and the throat chakra of communication. Hence, it has substantial physical and mental impacts on health and healing. It is used to treat diseases of bones, joints, and digestion. Because of their unique features, people widely use them in pathologies related to the lungs, throat, eyes, etc.

However, remember that no gemstone therapy can replace the medical help required in emergencies. So, it’s a supportive therapy and must be considered in stable patients. Some patients have endocrine or hormonal imbalances; they are strong candidates to get hold of its benefits by wearing or keeping it.

As it creates balance and calmness, it regulates blood pressure, too. This tranquility helps to lower blood pressure and avoid the complications associated with it.  

Socioemotional benefits

So many emotional issues have their origins in an imbalance of emotional intelligence. Thus, it suits persons having panic attacks, certain phobias, some childhood traumas, and bipolar disorders. It also helps people who need more communication skills. They need to gain the skills to socialize.

People who want to live alone and aloof. It helps to restore their confidence and candidness. They gradually overcome their anxieties to let their hearts out. This stone helps to fulfill the emptiness they hold in their hearts and minds.

Thus, generally speaking, blue tiger eyes give them the calmness to hold back their fears and the courage to face their inner complexes. As a result, they become Socioemotional balanced individuals.  

Spiritual therapy

The stone holds very strong intuition-building powers. The intuitions are channeled in the positive direction. The fear of the unknown and the future benefitted from its command over spiritual awakening.  

Serene powers

Anything that bothers you inside out can be managed better by utilizing its energies to get charged against them. As soothing as it is to the eyes, so relaxing it is to the mind. So once properly charged, it will take all your negative vibes and make you feel as fresh as having holidays in Las Vegas!  

Balance of negative energy

Nowadays, the environment has become so toxic and negative as a whole that it has drained out all the high vibes.

So, just putting it around in the living room or bedroom will help you experience the tranquil feelings it generates by absorbing the negativities from the surroundings.  

Balance in sex life

How it creates a better marital relationship is not beyond imagination. Since it creates peace and harmony, in addition to this, it creates a balance of hormones and emotions.

Both individuals are in a better state of mind to decide what is required to improve their bed life. Not only problem-solving, but this stone is remarkable in restoring marriages.  

Enhanced communication skills

People who cannot deliver a speech or express themselves in public will feel the unleashed energy inside them once they start wearing it.  

Fights Air flying phobias

Some people fear flying in the air. Be it in an airplane, air balloons, paragliding, etc., all can feel courageous enough to try any of these.   

Improves decision-making powers

The confused state of mind exists till you have imbalanced intuitions, behaviors, and personality. You can immensely improve your decision-making powers by having it as it is known to serene things out.

Create a better vision of assumed situations compared to what the reality is. Thus, it blindfolds many things by enhancing the thinking and cognitive centers.  

Connecting to nature and surroundings

Empowers inner self-esteem and boosts one’s connection to one’s surroundings. The outcome is obvious—more absorbance of the positive energy from the surroundings. 

Benefits of blue tiger eyes

Fortune maker

It is also strongly believed that it brings money, luck, and charms to its owner. Thus, wealth and prosperity are attracted to blue tiger eyes and ultimately serve the bank accounts of the person holding it!  

Easy accessibility

It is readily available from any good gem store. You don’t have to dig the Himalayan mountains to have it. Just a trip to the market and you can enjoy all its benefits.  

Long-lasting crystal life

Since it’s resistant to corrosion and dampness, it is a safe investment for years to come. It provided proper cleansing, charging, and usage.  

Jewelry making

It has another advantage of being carved into jewelry of your choice. So enjoy it the way you want it.  


In short, the Blue Tiger eye’s benefits, properties, and strength are one of a kind and unmatchable. It is best to say that you are never at a loss by investing in a good piece of tiger blue eyes crystal. It injects you with just the proper boosts of energy.

The blend of healing powers, courage, emotional serge, fortune fairy blessings, and the peace you feel inside your soul and body. This serenity cannot be purchased online or from the supermarket.

This is possible so quickly by having blue tiger eyes stone. You can easily enhance its benefits by combining it with other compatible stones. It surely will wake up the hidden blue tiger inside you; at least you can feel a tiger’s confidence and courage beaming through your eyes!