How to Charge Crystals In Sunlight (Best and Easy Ways)

I have developed an interest in crystals over the years while traveling. I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with people from different cultures, and that is how I got to know how they use stones and gems for various spiritual and physical benefits. From there on, I started researching them, and today, after 5 years, I am addicted to studying different types of gems, their methods of charging, and how to keep and use them for various purposes.

The crux of my research is that crystals are a fantastic gift of nature that needs to be nurtured and taken care of if you want to get the most out of them. Charging crystals is essential to preserve their positive energy and eliminate the negativity that may have accumulated in the stone. Now there are various ways to charge your crystals, but today I will discuss how to charge crystals in sunlight.

How to charge crystals in sunlight

Charging crystals in the sun is a great way to keep them energized and ready for use. Crystals absorb energy from the sun, so charging them up in the sun gives them the extra boost they need to help you manifest your goals.

Here are four easy steps on how to charge crystals in the sunlight:

How to charge crystals in sunlight

Step 1: Find a spot in direct sunlight

In brief, the sun’s rays are most effective when they hit the crystals directly. If you want to charge your crystals in the sun, you must find a place with direct sunlight.

This may not be possible if you live somewhere with cloudy skies. However, if you live somewhere with sunny skies, then it should be possible.

Step 2: Place the crystals

Take the case of your crystals off first, then lay the crystals on top of the light source. If you’re using a solar panel, you’ll need to remove the cover first, then place the crystals on top of the solar panel.

Step 3: Allow them to absorb sunlight

This allows the crystals to absorb sunlight for at least one hour. However, if you’re working with a solar panel, you can leave the crystals on top of the solar panel for as long as you like. The longer you leave the crystals on the solar panel, the more energy they absorb.

Step 4: Remove the crystals from the sun

Once you have given your crystals about an hour of sunlight, you can take them off the solar panel or light source. Be careful when removing them because the crystals will be very hot. You can either let them cool down on their own or place them in a bowl of water to cool them down.

Charge Crystals In Sunlight

Advantages to charging your crystals in the sun

There are several benefits to charging your crystals in the sun. One of the most important benefits is that it is free. That means you can do it whenever you want. Another benefit is that you can charge clean and energize your crystals while you are out and about, which means you can charge them anywhere.

There are several benefits to using crystals in your daily life. These include: Crystal therapy can help you to clear out negative energy. It can help you to gain clarity and focus. It can help you to heal yourself. And it can help you to align yourself with your higher purpose.

Disadvantages to charging your crystals in the sun

One drawback is that your crystals are exposed to the sun. This could lead to oxidation, and the crystals could break down over time. Another disadvantage is that the sun can cause overheating. The crystals may melt if they get too hot.


While you have enough information on how to charge crystals in sunlight, you need to understand that it takes a lot of work and patience. It is a tough job, especially if you are a beginner. What is required of you here is to stay motivated and keep going without getting disappointed. The key is commitment and dedication; you will soon be able to charge your crystals in sunlight all by yourself. So, do not lose heart if you do not initially succeed in charging the crystal in the moonlight and sunlight, keep going, and you will do it one day.