How to Cleanse Crystals Full Moon: 8 Steps

How to cleanse crystals during a full moon? The simple answer is that there is no easy way to cleanse crystals. The moon is considered a very powerful cleansing force. The moon’s gravity is so strong that it can pull water into the earth. Both of these forces can remove and expel toxins from the body.

For centuries, people have been using crystals to achieve various goals, such as healing, increasing psychic abilities, and creating positive energy. Crystals have been used in this way for hundreds of years. We know that crystals can be used for many different purposes, including cleansing.

In this blog post,  I will tell you how to cleanse crystals during a full moon. This is not the only way to cleanse crystals, but it is a simple way to do so.

What is Full Moon Cleansing?

We can say that a Full Moon Cleansing is a ritual performed to prepare the body for the following new moon. The body is usually prepared by fasting, bathing, and meditating. Some people also use a method called Water Ritual, which involves using herbal baths, sprays, and crystals.

Full Moon Cleansing is a time of reflection, cleansing, and purification. It is a time when we can see the dark side of ourselves and reflect on our negative thoughts and feelings. It is a time to cleanse the body of toxins and negative energy.

Benefits of Full Moon Cleansing 

There is no doubt that the full moon is a magical time for many people, particularly those who are spiritual. It is a time for dreaming and reflecting, and it is a time when many people get a bit wild and crazy.

How to Cleanse Crystals Full Moon

If you have a sensitive, spiritual, or psychic nature, you might feel this as a powerful yet subtle, force. For the rest of us, it is a time when the Moon is at its closest to Earth, and the energy of the Moon is strongest.

How to Cleanse Crystals Full Moon

Step 1: Determine What Type of Crystal You Want to Cleanse

There are two types of crystals: Water-soluble and Water-insoluble. Water-soluble crystals are great for your physical body and will dissolve in water. Water-insoluble crystals are great for your energy body and will not dissolve in water.

Step 2: Determine What Type of Energy You Want to Remove

Once you have determined the type of energy you want to remove, you can determine the specific way you want to do it. There are several different types of energy that you can use to remove the negative energies that may be affecting you.

Step 3: Determine What Type of Energy You Need to Bring Into the Body

The type of energy you are going to use will depend on what you are trying to achieve.

Step 4: Find the Right Crystal for the Job

When it comes to crystals, many people know what they are looking for but are unsure where to start.

As a result, they may end up with a crystal that is not the right fit for their needs. When choosing a crystal, you want the right one for the job. 

Step 5: Place the Crystal in the Moon Light

This is the fifth step of the moonlight method. The crystal is placed directly under the moonlight.

Step 6: Use the Crystal to Remove the Energy

You can use the crystal to remove the blockages in your body, or you can use it to remove the energy blockages that are affecting your aura.

Step 7: Remove the Crystal from the MoonLight

After completing all the other steps, the final step is removing the crystal from the moonlight. The process is somewhat similar to removing a solar plexus chakra.

Step 8: Repeat the Process for the Rest of the Moon Cycle

The next step is to repeat this process for the rest of the moon cycle.


Do you charge crystals in a full moon?

People often ask, do you charge your crystals on a full moon? I do charge crystals on the full moon and new moon.

Which crystals cannot be charged in the moonlight?

Moonstone, topaz, calcite, and agate are all known to become negatively charged in light that is less than direct sunlight.

Does the moon cleanse crystals?

Yes, you can cleanse crystals with the moon. And you can also get answers to how to charge my crystals in the full moon.

What to do on a full moon with crystals?

The simple answer is to cleanse your crystals. Follow the guide on How to Cleanse Crystals Full Moon.


In conclusion, this blog post on How to Cleanse Crystals Full Moon aims to help people interested in cleansing crystals. You don’t need any special equipment to do this. All you need is a bowl, some water, and some crystals.