How to Cleanse Obsidian Crystal: 6 Easy Steps

Obsidian is a beautiful and powerful crystal that you can use for spiritual and healing practices. It is believed to have strong protective and grounding energies that can help you release negative energy and emotional baggage. 

However, like any other crystal, obsidian also needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its optimal energy and vibration. So, if you plan to buy obsidian, you need to familiarise yourself with the process of how to cleanse Obsidian Crystal. 

In this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of cleansing your obsidian crystals. Here is a complete guide for you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crystal healer. You will find useful tips and advice on how to keep your obsidian crystal pure and powerful. So, let’s get started and learn how to cleanse obsidian crystals.

How to Cleanse Obsidian Crystal

You an clean your obsidian crystals by using these simple steps.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Before you begin cleansing your obsidian crystal, make sure you have the following supplies:

  • Obsidian crystal
  • Sea salt
  • White sage or palo santo
  • A bowl of water
  • A cloth or towel
How to Cleanse Obsidian Crystal

Step 2: Prepare the Space

Clear a space in your home where you can comfortably perform the cleansing ceremony. It can be helpful to light some candles or incense to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Step 3: Cleanse with Sea Salt

Place your obsidian crystal in a bowl of sea salt and let it sit for about an hour. The salt will help to remove any negative energy from the crystal and prepare it for the next step of the cleansing process.

Step 4: Smudge with Sage or Palo Santo

Once the crystal has been cleansed with sea salt, it’s time to smudge it with sage or palo santo. Light the sage and hold it close to the crystal, wafting the smoke over every crystal’s surface. As you do this, visualize any negative energy being removed from the crystal and replaced with positive energy.

Step 5: Rinse with Water

After smudging the crystal, rinse it with water to remove any residual negative energy. Make sure to hold the crystal under running water for a few minutes or place it in a bowl of water for longer. But some crystals can’t go in water like citrine.

Step 6: Dry and Store

Once the crystal has been rinsed, dry it with a cloth or towel. Store it in a safe place where it won’t be exposed to negative energy. It’s a good idea to keep it wrapped in a protective cloth or placed in a pouch to keep its energy contained.


So this is the basic process of how to cleanse obsidian crystals to get the best out of your crystals. You can enjoy long-lasting positive outcomes by following the steps mentioned above. As you cleanse your gems regularly, you will be able to reap the fruit of your hard work and dedication.