How to Cleanse Red Jasper? (5 Helpful Methods)

Another interesting jewel that I feel attracted to is Red Jasper. Well, as the name indicates, it has an orange-red color and is a treat to your eyes. Apart from its beauty and elegance, Red Jasper is known for its metaphysical properties that positively affect your life in general. 

Like all other crystals, you need to know how to cleanse red jasper because they lose their effects and properties over time for sure, and the process will be quick if you do not take proper care of your jewels.

So, here are five methods by which you can take full advantage of the Red Jasper by eliminating the negative elements.

How to Use Red Jasper In Your Healing Practice

Red Jasper is the third-largest red gemstone in the world and has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Let’s check how to use it in the best way.

Red Jasper is a powerful healing stone that can help clear energy blockages and promote physical and emotional healing. This hard, clear stone can help you focus and amplify your energy. Use red jasper to ground yourself and help you connect with your intuition.

It can also help you to heal physical and emotional wounds, increase focus, and create balance in your life.

How to cleanse Red Jasper?

Red Jasper, a mesmerizing gemstone known for its vibrant hues and healing properties, has captured the hearts of crystal enthusiasts worldwide. But to truly unlock its full potential, it’s crucial to understand the art of cleansing.

Get ready to embark on a journey of spiritual rejuvenation as we explore the art of cleansing Red Jasper with simple and easy ways to unlock its radiant energy!

How To Cleanse Red Jasper

Five simple ways to cleanse Red Jasper:

1. Water

You can use water to cleanse Red Jasper. This can be done using a natural water filter or with bottled water. When using water, you should rinse it first. Then you should soak the stone for about 30 minutes and rinse it again.

2. Full moon

If you want to cleanse Red Jasper, you can try full moon. On the full moon, the moon shines bright. This will cause the energy of the moon to increase. This will help to cleanse your stones.

3. Sage

Red Jasper is a powerful stone that helps to clear the Chakras and balances the energy in the body. To cleanse Red Jasper with Sage, you will need the following:

  • One cup of sage leaves
  • One cup of water
  • A dish to place the sage leaves in (a pot, bowl, or even a pan)
  • A cloth or piece of paper to cover the dish while it’s cleansing
Cleanse Red Jasper

So, here it is, how do you use sage to clean red jasper stone?

  • 1. Fill a pot or bowl with water and place the sage leaves in it.
  • 2. Bring the water to a boil and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
  • 3. Remove the sage leaves from the water and discard them.
  • 4. Place the dish you used to house them on a clean cloth or paper towel, ensuring that it has absorbed all of the sage oil.

4. Amethyst geode

Amethyst geodes are perfect for this purpose as they help to dissolve negative energies and clear the mind and heart. This method is also great for healing emotional wounds or traumas. Follow these steps to cleanse your Red Jasper and Amethyst geode:

1. Fill a bowl or pot half full of water and place the Red Jasper piece in it.

2. Add the Amethyst geode if desired.

3. Swish around gently with your hands for about 10 minutes or until all of the water has been absorbed, and the pieces are wet but not dripping.

4. Place the bowl in the sunlight. This is essential to create a powerful energy bond between yourself and the piece.

5. Do not place it in direct sunlight; this process can turn your Amethyst into a stone of fire instead of one of peace and clarity.

5. Earth

Red Jasper is a popular gemstone often used to bring energy and harmony into one’s life. However, many people do not know how to cleanse their Red Jasper jewelry with Earth.

This simple process will help rid your Red Jasper piece of negative energies and restore its vibrancy. Here are a few steps to clean red jasper:

  • 1. Remove any existing jewelry or other attachments.
  • 2. Soak the Jasper in warm water mixed with a mild soap solution for 20 minutes.
  • 3. Rinse the Jasper well and dry it with a cloth or paper towel.
  • 4. Apply a thin layer of Earth over the entire surface of the Jasper and rub gently until all dirt and oils are removed.
  • 5. Repeat steps 2-4 as needed, letting the Jasper soak in water each time before rubbing the Earth on top.
  • 6. Store your Jasper gemstone CLEAN and GORGEOUS!

People also ask questions about the Red Jasper cleansing process

Can Red Jasper Be In The Water?

Red Jasper is a type of mineral that can be used in the water for various purposes. While some experts believe it has healing properties, others believe it is toxic and shouldn’t be ingested. It can be beneficial for the skin and for making jewelry.

How Often Should You Clean Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is a very delicate stone. It should only be cleaned once every couple of months. Use a soft brush or cloth to wipe it, and avoid using abrasive cleaners. It should also be kept away from strong light and heat.

Can Red Jasper Go In The Salt?

Yes, red jasper can go in the salt. This type of gemstone is often found in sea beds, and it is extremely resistant to the effects of salt. It also has some healing properties. You can find several ways to display this stone in the home, including a beautiful pendant.

Can Red Jasper Charge In The Sun?

Red jasper is a stone found naturally in certain parts of the world. It is often used as an amulet in Feng Shui and has been known to charge itself in direct sunlight. But you should note that most people don’t have a natural red jasper, so it won’t always work for them.


So, this was all about the five methods of hot to cleanse Red Jasper. You may choose any method you prefer according to the availability of the supplies. It is a complete guide for those who want to take full advantage of the jewel’s properties. So enjoy yourself and have fun with your beautiful gemstone.