How To Cleanse Tiger Eyes?

Anything at our place that is used for cleaning purposes itself requires proper cleaning. What would happen if you don’t correctly wash away the dirt, germs, and already stricken unwanted things from it?

To cleanse tiger eyes, start it with a getting rotten itself. Secondly, it will transmit all its germs and waste to the stuff it’s treated with. 

Similarly, when your crystals lose their charging themselves or treat other adverse effects from you or your surroundings, they need regular cleansing. If not done regularly or properly, it will emit unwanted energy to you and your environment. Thus cleansing and recharging are vital for the crystals to continue doing their job. 

There are many crystals with positive energy and heartening effects on humans. One of them is Tiger eyes.

How To Clean Tiger Eye Stone

In this article, we will learn how to cleanse tiger eyes crystal and…

  • Why and when does it need cleansing? 
  • How to properly do it? 
  • Cleansing techniques 
  • What to avoid? 
  • Finally, what did you achieve?

Why is Tiger Eyes preferred over other Crystals?

This stone is preferred over other gemstones for some good reasons.

Firstly, it is a gemstone with aesthetic beauty and so much more. In addition to all the protection and spiritual and emotional uplifts it brings to its bearer, it is preferred over others because of its easy accessibility worldwide.

Why is Tiger Eyes preferred over other Crystals

It has a comparatively lower price than other crystals serving the same purpose. Above all, this stone is available in rings, bracelets, and pendants or simply as rocks to be placed in your lounge or rooms. 

Why And When Does It Need Cleansing? 

Tiger eyes is a high potency stone with abundant energy, which is given as needed. For instance, it will help get emotional stability if used for emotional imbalance. Likewise, it will heal health issues if used for that purpose. It also helps to restore protective and courageous feelings if one feels insecure or helpless.

How To Clean Tiger Eye Stone

To summarise, as it’s grounded, it’s so it’s efficient in delivering and replacing the negative with the positive. In doing so, it drains out. It gathers the dirt and debris of the absorbed unwanted vibes. It needs regular cleansing and charging to perform its job for cleaning. The question now arises!

How to cleanse tiger eyes? 

Specific tried and tested methods that suit tiger eyes are explained below. 

How to cleanse tiger eyes

Preferable methods for cleansing tiger eyes stone.

Running Water

It comes first in the list. Hold on to the stone. Put it under running water for some time. Repeat two or three times afterward, and tap dry with a soft cloth.

This is the most straightforward, cheapest, and one of easily accessible way. Make sure you don’t leave it on tater for hours, as it may affect the metals of the crystals. 


This is a simple technique. Suppose you choose to bathe in the moon. You can leave it overnight at some safe place. However, expose it for 40-50 minutes, as in the case of sunlight: overexposure may be more harmful than helpful. 

Sound therapy

This is another way of treating your tiger eyes crystal. For charging with sound waves, either use a tuning fork, chanting bells, or any other way sound is produced, and its waves resonate with tiger eyes waves to get charged. 

Soil therapy

You can cleanse your gems by burying them underneath the Earth. The Earth’s soil or sand will be transferred to the tiger’s eyes. This must be done for a couple of hours. Make sure that you clean all the remains. 

Using Natural surfaces

Another way of treating your crystal is by putting it on a wooden surface: this will help it get recharged. 

Removing negative factors

Another way to restore the energy for extended periods is to keep it in a positive, healthy environment. 

This not only prolongs the vital energy but also helps to restore the charging. 

Smoke from sage leaves/ herbs

You can also get your tiger eyes crystal-free of unwanted residual negative vibes by moving the crystals through the smoke by burning the sage leaves or other natural herbs like sweet grass etc.

Nowadays, commercially made Palo smudge sticks are also available.  

Cleansing with fellow crystals

This is another technique where powerful stones like clear quartz are placed near the tiger eyes crystals. So it is cleansed by putting them together in one place on some natural surface like wood. This is not suitable for all crystals with all crystals


This is a method where meditation comes into play. This is more complex. It requires practice, concentration, and experience. You hold the tiger’s eyes tiger’s your eyes.

You enter with your crystal into a new world of imagination and metaphysical powers.

How to cleanse tiger eyes

With your visualization and creativity, you assume that everything around you has become blurred for now. The only thing in the world is you and your crystal.

Now imagine intense radiant light falling on your stone. Imagine its transmitter’s light energy to your gem.  

Repeat it twice or thrice until your tiger eyes feel lightweight, cleansed, and charged. 

Techniques not recommended for cleansing tiger eyes

  • Chemical washing: Though it is hard in consistency, it’s never recommended to treat it with any chemical washing.
  • There are so many different types of chemicals. Some may make your stones erosive. So avoid it at all costs! 
  • Steam wash is not recommended for cleaning the tiger eyes crystal. 
  • Air pressure: It is better to avoid it too. 

How do you know tiger eyes are charged? 

There is no hard and fast rule for gems charging: it all comes from your intuition. It comes from your association with your catch. It starts to feel lightweight.

How do you know tiger eyes are charged

It feels like emitting protective rays. You can feel the courageous and spiritual spiritual elevation it brings with its charging.

Now you can enjoy the benefits and properties of the tiger eyes crystal

What happens after cleansing? 

Cleansing results in:

  • Restoration of energy: This achievement will be expressed in the form of strong, strong, and abundant vibes both spiritually and mentally. 
  • Restoration of stability: You can feel a burst of balanced feelings. The intuition is escalated. The dwindling sense of cowardness is replaced because of courage and protection. This programming accomplishes the task that tiger eyes were cleansed for. 
  • Restoration of function: Immediately starts absorbing negativity from the surroundings and improves human insecurities and complexed incomplete vibes. 

Storage and Keeping Your Tigers Eye Stone

Once your stone is cleansed and charged with all the negative vibes, your question arises: where to keep and store them? Keeping it in a wooden box is better if you have made it into some jewelry. Try to keep it away from negative vibes. 

Also, you want to wear it for courage, protection, spiritual solid connection, and evil eyes. In that case, you can put it for intuitional stability and emotionally drained out human beings and stressed out environments. 


To summarize the topic of how to cleanse tiger eyes, the foremost thing is to recognize that it needs cleansing and charging. Even if you bought it new or it is placed under stress. It should undergo essential treatment. 

There are so many different practices explained above. They range from the simplest of running water, lunar, and solar therapy to sound treatment. However, if you want to charge your tiger eyes crystal, it could undergo an adjuvant technique. After cleansing, you can realize that it has shed off its negative energy and become as effective in its effects as one could wish! So enjoy the tiger eyes’ post-cleansing performances!