What Happens If You Don’t Cleanse Your Crystals?

Amongst so many blessings that nature has beheld for us, humans, over centuries, one is the Crystals.  Over millions of years, various minerals embedded under different layers of the earth have produced multiple crystals. These crystals not only quench the thirst of eyes for beauty but serve a purpose too. That purpose is giving humans the positive energy and calmness they have absorbed from the earth’s core over innumerable times. They give positive vibes and connections to one’s inner self.

As crystals have been bestowed to serve humanity with health, harmony, happiness, safety, love, and luck, they get unclean. The curious mind should think “What Happens If You Don’t Cleanse Your Crystals?”

Well, before we get into details about the outcomes of uncleansed crystals. Let’s have a birds-eye view of the factors affecting crystal getting unclean.

What Happens If You Don’t Cleanse Your Crystals?

If you subscribe to the belief in the metaphysical properties of crystals, not cleansing them may mean that they become less effective or could carry negative or stagnant energies. Over time, if a crystal absorbs too much negativity or unwanted energy, it might not work as efficiently as an amplifier, healer, or protector.

The crystal could potentially amplify or project those accumulated energies back into the environment or onto the person using it. For those who deeply resonate with crystal energies, it’s akin to using a tool that hasn’t been maintained or cleaned; it might not function optimally.

However, for individuals who regard crystals more as decorative pieces or who don’t believe in their energetic properties, cleansing might not hold any significance.

Why Should We Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals are believed by many to absorb, store, and emit energy. When used for healing, meditation, or other metaphysical practices, they may pick up negative energies or vibrations from their surroundings or the people they come into contact with.

Regularly cleansing crystals is thought to purify and rejuvenate their energies, ensuring that they function at their highest capacity.

By cleansing them, we aim to maintain their vibrational frequency and ensure they remain powerful tools for our intentions.


Certain human traits are type A personalities. They tend to take stress more than others. Stress releases negative vibrations that are absorbed by the crystals. Thus, once they lose their original energy, the residual negative vibes need cleansing for rejuvenation. 

Why should we cleanse crystals

So, to avoid adverse effects, crystals should be regularly revitalized. 


Any environment with unhealthy pollutants also drains out the positivity of the crystals. 

Hence, once exposed to something dangerous, it needs to be revitalized. 

Residual negative energy pooling up

Repeated tension exposure cycles each time leave the crystals with residual negative vibes, which pool up over time and hamper the flow of positive effects. 

Change in desired effects from the owner 

When the crystals are exposed to unbalanced forces or intuitions, they again are expected to go down the energy slope. 

Metaphysical Impacts

There are specific unexpected and unexplainable natural forces. Many of which are uncovered and unrevealed. These mysterious forces influenced by laws of nature continue to drain the energies even if they are not used. Hence, even if no detectable negative Impacts are seen, you need to cleanse the crystals.  

Significance of crystal cleansing and charging 

Once you get into the routine of cleansing and charging the crystals whenever they are exposed to negative vibes or are brought new, you will notice that they continue to bring positivity, luck, happiness, or whatever reason they are being used for. 

crystal cleansing charging

Their efficiency, efficacy, accuracy, and purpose are served with longevity, connectivity, and contentment.

The positive impact of cleansing the crystals

  • The first desired result is continuity in generating positive energy. For instance, like a rose rock meant to keep the love life alive, the gemstone will play its part by generating love vibes or emotional thoughts that spice up your love life. 
  • Inner peace and balance are restored: Stress and trauma bring imbalance in the thought process and gradually lead to distorted decision-making: thus, these gemstones absorb these negative vibes and help to calm you down. 
  • Intuition travels in the right direction: Intuition has been talked about recently. As mysterious as it is, so bizarre is the phenomenon that steers the impulses in the right direction with the help of appropriately charged gemstones. 
  • Positive interaction with other crystals is possible: When the stones are positively charged, they can enhance their working by interacting with other stones. For instance, rose rock works with tiger eyes to bring more love, harmony, and happiness. 
  • A more comprehensive range of applications of positive potential: The range of influencing or enhancing the positive vibes in the person or environment becomes more widespread.  

In a nutshell, you can assume all the above positive impacts to move in the reverse direction if they are not cleansed and charged correctly. 

Negative Impacts of Not Cleansing the Crystals

There are a few negative impacts that can be ruined if you don’t cleanse your crystals.

Promotes passivity in mood, emotions, and thinking

Though hard to believe, many have experienced that when stones are low in energy, they carry their negative vibes over the mind of the beholder. 

Negative Impacts of Not Cleansing the Crystals

He starts thinking about the darker negative aspects of things. At times a vicious circle of negativity has led to depression even. 

Loss of desired actions of the stones

This is as simple as moving the car into reverse gear! Thus, whatever is expected of a particular crystal starts to move in the reverse direction. 

Thus, crystals that are meant to bring happiness bring gloominess. Those implied wealth and luck suddenly start generating negative vibes and intuition. 

Promotes imbalance

The unclean crystals bring imbalance in thoughts, emotions, and personality. This imbalance can also be felt in the surrounding environment.  

To avoid it all, it’s better to cleanse and charge your stones as often as you can. 

Low self-esteem

Negative energy occupies the mind all the time due to the low vibes released, resulting in low self-esteem. Finally, the whole process is reflected in the negative decision-making of the owner. 

Gradual pooling of negative residual vibes over time

Sometimes, this has also been observed that certain activities and environmental changes gradually pool up negative vibes. It is resulting in not only a significant negative impact but also discharging. 

Loss of connectivity to nature

As appealing as it sounds, crystals are extracted from nature: they derive their cleansing and charging from the heart. Hence, when they lose-lose connectivity with nature, their owner’s intuitions also detach from nature. 

The heaviness of the crystals

Yes, as strange as it may sound, but with experience, it becomes easier to pick the weight change. Hence, in physical parameters, the unclean crystals become heavier and dull. 

Loss of focus

Since the crystals emitting negative energy promote imbalance the loss of potential to focus also reflects this. 

Loss of charms and luck

Negative Impacts of Not Cleansing the Crystals

The negative residual vibes released when it’s not recharged affect the bad luck associated with keeping these crystals. 

The crystals start fading out. The luster is noticeably reduced. 

Loss of charge

Are they interconnected, somehow or other? Yeah, both cleansing and charging. So, cleansing lost results in negativity, and charging lost results in disconnectivity!  

Negativity in mood and environment escalated

As a whole, both effects are imminent. Especially when the personality and environment have harmful elements, they multiply when crystals are not revitalized. 

This is especially true with some specific crystals more than others. 

  • Health risks: Crystals absorb negative energy from the surroundings, so if they absorb hazardous vibrations, they can transmit it to the person wearing them. One example of such crystals that need to be avoided is selenite. 

Below are examples of some specific adverse effects of particular crystals when uncleansed: 

  • Promotes insomnia and restlessness —–Amethyst
  • Loss of peace of mind and low response to love language —–rose quartz

As a general idea, most of the positive vibes and effects of the crystals are either lost or reversed in severe cases. 

Properties of Crystals That Are Not Cleansed

Intuition has a role to play a vital part in deciding about the cleansing time. With a bit of common sense, intuition, and lots of experience, you come to know when your crystals need cleansing to remove any undesirable effects.

Properties of Crystals that are not cleansed

Hold the crystal in your hands and see if you feel any of the below-mentioned effects or a combination of a few. 

  • Heaviness: when not cleansed, it will feel heavier than the one that’s undergone rejuvenation. 
  • Cloudiness: If you look closely at a negatively charged gemstone, it will not look clear: there will be uncertainty and cloudiness in its appearance. 
  • Stickiness is a more complex sign, but unclean crystals are sticky in touch. 
  • Charm is lost: All crystals with positivity have a particular pleasure. You will feel uncleanized crystals losing their natural charm.
  • Loss of brilliance and radiant sparkle: This is a telltale sign; you can observe the loss in radiance and brightness, even if you leave it unattended for a certain period. Especially if it’s in a metallic case, it will tarnish soon. 


All the details mentioned above are not based on research in the laboratories. These intuitions have traveled from one generation to another. From one admirer of gems to another. Thus, most of the facts associated with Crystals and their effects have yet to be scientifically proven. They hold their worth. Nevertheless, many of the facts associated with “What Happens If You Don’t Cleanse Your Crystals?” have been based on personal experiences, observations, and ideologies traveling from times unknown. 

As with many other myths and ideologies in meta-physics, the underlying phenomenon associated with crystals cleansing and charging remains a mystery. Yet, as with all the secrets, it holds a special place and impact on the staunch believers of crystals’ energy vibes and connection with nature through them.