How to Charge Crystals with Intentions? 5 Productive Tips

There is a reason why we see people charging crystals, or crystals being charged. It is because crystals have the ability to hold a charge, and it is this ability that makes them so effective at helping us focus and create intention. We will share some amazing tips on How to Charge Crystals with Intentions?

What are Intentional Crystals?

Intentional Crystals are physical objects which have a very specific purpose. Intentional crystals have the potential to transform our lives and are used to make healing, meditation, and relaxation tools. They come in many shapes and sizes, with some being quite small in size.

Why do you need to Charge Your Crystals?

Charging crystals is an essential step in getting the most out of them. They work best when they are fully charged, which is why you should charge them daily.

Equally important is to remember that the more you charge them, the more energy you put into them, the more you will get out of them.

How to Charge Crystals with Intentions

Charging crystals with intentions is a very powerful thing to do. It’s one of the best ways to give your crystals the boost they need to be at their best.

This article will give you some insight into how to charge crystals with intentions. And then it will give you some thoughts on the idea of charging crystals with intentions.

The Crystals are the basis of our existence that can be charged with intentions that help to create positive patterns, to heal, manifest, and dissolve a particular situation. 

There are a few steps on How to Charge Crystals with Intentions:

Trust your intuition when selecting a crystal. You should intuitively feel that the crystal is right for you.  Place the crystal in a bowl of water and let it soak for 30 minutes.  Hold the crystal in your hands and place your palms over the crystal. Feel the energy of the crystal. Is it strong or weak? Think about the purpose of your crystal.

How to Charge Crystals with Intentions

Pick a crystal type that aligns with your intentions, if desired.

If you are working with a particular type of crystal, you can also pick a specific crystal to work with. Let go of all expectations. The best crystals are the ones that don’t require any prior knowledge of conditions to be activated. Allow your crystal to take the lead.  You may feel a tingling sensation, or you may experience a sudden flash of insight. When you have your intention set, choose the crystal you will use.

Set up your charging station. Place the crystal on a flat surface. You can use a bowl or plate to support it. Make sure you do not place anything else on top of the crystal. Use a pendulum to guide your intention. Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand and let it rest over the crystal. Ask your pendulum to show you what is in alignment with your intention.

Place your dominant hand over the crystal and focus on the intention. Visualize the energy of your crystal flowing into the stone. Let your imagination take you to the place where your crystal is vibrating at its highest frequency. Charge your crystals with intentions.

Soaking it in water:

This is a basic and easy step. You can soak the crystals in water for 10-20 minutes or even more. You can use a singing bowl, a bag of water, a jar, etc. 

Rinsing it with freshwater:

If you don’t have access to clean fresh water, then you can use seawater. It doesn’t matter if it’s salt water or fresh water. But make sure to rinse the crystals with fresh water several times. 

Smudging it with herbs:

You can use any type of herb that you like. The main thing is that the herbs should not be too strong. If they are too strong, then you may damage the crystals. 

Charging it with intentions:

Once you have rinsed the crystals, you need to start charging them. You can do this by smudging the crystals with the intention of the person who is going to wear the crystal necklace. Or you can also charge it with intentions of your own. 

Put your crystal in the full moon’s light:

Charge your crystal by placing it under the full moon or under a tree that has a high energy connection with the moon. 


How do you set an intention on a crystal?

Setting an intention on a crystal requires a lot of practice, patience, and intuition. First, you must be absolutely sure that you’re talking to the right person or spirit.

In what ways can you charge crystals?

Crystals can be charged using a variety of methods. Some charge them using natural sunlight, while others use light-emitting diodes. We have mentioned productive tips on How to Charge Crystals with Intentions.

What is the easiest way to charge crystals?

A crystal charger is one of the most convenient ways to recharge your crystals. Simply put it on a sunny window sill and let it do its job. Alternatively, you can also connect the charger to a regular outlet and leave it charging overnight. This is an especially useful option if you don’t have access to direct sunlight.

How do you set rose quartz intentions?

You can set your own personal intentions using a variety of mediums like crystals, candles, incense, scented oils, herbs, gemstones, flowers, and other natural objects. These can be arranged in any way that works for you.

How long does it take to charge a crystal?

It depends on the crystal and how much you charge it.

How long should I charge the crystal?

It depends on the size of the crystal. Some crystals only need to be charged for a few hours, while other crystals can take several days to charge.


In conclusion, we are all here to do good work and to help others. This is what we call “spiritual service”. When we do this, we get positive vibrations, which in turn attract good things to us. We get to be in a place where we feel safe and secure, and we are able to get the help that we need from the universe.

Hope you will apply the tips and like this article How to Charge Crystals with Intentions

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