How to Clean Raw Rose Quartz: Effective Methods for Beginners

One of the comprehensive other crystal varieties is rose quartz. This remarkable stone is also called love stone due to its ultimate healing properties and a sign of love. People have loved this stone for centuries because it fits outstanding beauty and countless healing properties. If you are our crystal lover, you would be amazed to have rose quartz in your hand. You will find out several ways to use it daily.

However, for all those people who have not seen rose quartz in its raw form, they would only be able to explore its countless benefits if they clean it properly in a prescribed manner. So, this article will explain how to clean raw rose quartz before using it in any of your jewelry pieces or as decoration.

Why should you clean rose quartz?

Well! Any crystal in its raw form cannot be used before you get rid of all the dust that may be caught in the nooks and corners of the stone. So here are a few reasons for cleansing your rose quartz.

The first and foremost reason to take time out to clean your stone is to ensure that no negative energy is absorbed inside your crystal. The reason being any negative energy will hamper the abilities and functions of the stone.

Consequently, you will only be able to reap some of the benefits they may offer. Especially for Rose quartz is a very powerful custodian of energy; you need to cleanse this crystal so that all its power may be utilized to the best possible extent.

Secondly, this crystal can cleanse and purify the energy and spirit of the owner. This means power will be transferred to yourself if you hold or use this stone. However, if you do not cleanse it regularly, the highest vibrations of the stone will not be transferred to you. Consequently, the primary purpose of having this stone with you will be to kill.

How to cleanse rose quartz with Easy Ways

Well! You can cleanse your beloved rose quartz and reap the benefits in many ways. Keep reading to learn the possible methods of cleaning this beautiful crystal.

How to Clean Raw Rose Quartz


Now as in many other situations, water comes to your rescue. This time, also, when it comes to cleaning your rose quartz, you may use water. Take a bowl of clean and non-contaminated water. Soak your stone in the water bowl for around 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse it under tap water, and there you go! Your stone is all neat and clean.

Another alternative is that living near an ocean or a lake will make it easier for you. You can start by submerging your rose quartz in water, and you will have pure and clean rose quartz after 10 minutes.

If you do not reside near a natural body of water, the tap water will also serve the purpose. Just keep in mind that whatever source of water you are using should be pure.


Sage is one of the ways to cleanse your crystals, especially Rose quartz, spiritually. This is appropriate if you are an experienced crystal user.

People have been using sage for centuries, considered the most widely used method of cleansing all sorts of crystals.

Now how do you use sage to cleanse your crystal? It is pretty simple to start; Take a piece of sage and a fireproof bowl. Now you will burn the sage until it is smoldering hot; as the smoke rises from the sage, you will waft it over your stone.

If you find this difficult or you do not have a fireproof container, you can use an acid smudge stick. Also, you’ll need to light up the stack and let it smoke. Again, the smoke will rise, and you will waft it over the stone.


You are now coming to the natural methods of cleaning your beautiful crystals. You can use moonlight to serve the purpose for you. Yes, you might not be familiar with it, but the moon is a potent energy source, and you can use the moonlight to eliminate all the negative energies of your crystals.

Clean Raw Rose Quartz

But how to cleanse and charge in the moonlight? It would help if you waited for full moonlight and placed your stone outside on your terrace or balcony, where you believe it will get all the moonlight directly.

Mostly the people living in apartments do this by placing the Rose quartz on the wind seal right under the beam of moonlight. Allow your beautiful gem to absorb all the energy from the moon and purify itself. As a result, you will have your pure and clean gemstone overnight.


Well! There is another natural method of cleansing your stone also, and that is sunlight. However, you have to be careful when trying to cleanse your stone in sunlight because extended exposure to sunlight may damage rose quartz for only a few hours, enough to eliminate all the negative energies that may be quoted in rose quartz gems.

Process of Cleaning Rose Quartz for Beginners

  • First, you will hold the rose quartz in your hand and imagine the negative energy evaporating from the stone. Visualize that the stone is getting rid of all the negativity that may be built up over the period inside the stone.
  • Now you can choose the above methods to clean the Rose quartz.
  • After doing this, you will hold your stone in hand and meditate, visualizing the energy of love.
  • Here you need to have a strong imagination and meditation power. You will visualize that all the light of the universe and the feelings of love are entering your gem and binding themselves with positive energies.
  • Now you have your gem all cleaned up from the possible negative energies that may have accumulated over time.


Can I wear Rose quartz all the time?

The unique thing about this beautiful crystal is that it is a stone of love, so if you want to be protected by love all day, it is recommended to wear a rose quartz necklace daily.

Is raw rose quartz safe and toxic to use?

Rose quartz is generally composed of oxygen and silicon. Although silicon is unsafe if swallowed using rose quartz, there are very meager chances of swallowing the jewelry. So, generally speaking, rose quartz is not a toxic stone; you can use it in any form you like.

What may damage our rose quartz?

Any crystal may surely damage if submerged in water for an extended period. This holds for rose quartz also. The reason being the water molecules get under the surface of the crystal leading the crystal to develop cracks. So, this is the thing you must avoid when dealing with crystals.


This summarizes the article on cleaning raw rose quartz, as you might see while walking on a track randomly. Now you pick it up, bring it home and follow. Anyone of the methods explained above in detail. Remember that you must be careful while handling raw rose quartz because it is a beautiful piece of natural rock and may break in case of negligence.