How to Cleanse Fluorite – 9 Easy and Effective Ways

The word “fluorite” comes from the Latin flux, which means “to run or pass swiftly.” It is a type of fluorspar. Fluorite is a mineral that was discovered in 1852. This is a ubiquitous mineral in the western United States. Mohs scale hardness is 4.

Fluorite crystals can be cleansed using various methods, depending on the type of Fluorite. This post will show you nine easy and practical techniques of how to cleanse Fluorite crystal.

Fluorite is a stone used to promote positive energy and cleanse negative energy. It has been called a “stone of transformation” because it is known to help transform negative energy into positive energy. 

This stone is used as an alternative to Amethyst because it is easier to cleanse than Amethyst. The colour of Fluorite ranges from purple, green, blue, and pink; these hues blend wonderfully together. 

Fluorite is a soft stone that has a high concentration of fluorine. Fluorite received its name from the fluorescent luminance, is a tremendous antiviral stone, and has strong healing properties that help to keep the body healthy.

How to Cleanse Fluorite


Benefits And Healing Properties Of Fluorite [Emotional & Physical]

Fluorite is known as an emotional and physical healer. It is helpful for many reasons. It helps relieve stress and anxiety.


We can get overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Sometimes, we need to take time to relax. One way of doing this is by taking some time to meditate. This allows us to clear our minds. When you do this, you can find peace and serenity in your life.

Fluorite helps you to clear your mind and gain a sense of peace. If you need to calm your nerves and clear your thinking, Fluorite can be very helpful. You can even wear Fluorite around your neck for extra protection.

Physical symptoms:

Fluorite can help to soothe arthritis. Some studies have shown that Fluorite relieves pain and digestive issues and is also an excellent remedy for hypertension. This is because it is effective in regulating blood pressure. 

Fluorite can also help relieve insomnia, and it can be used to treat depression. 

How to cleanse Fluorite

To cleanse Fluorite, you must prepare the stone a certain way. You must clean the stone properly so that it retains its potency. Below are the preferred methods how for cleansing Fluorite.

Rest it in a moonlit spot overnight:

There is nothing special about cleaning Fluorite. All you need to do is place it in a dark place. However, before placing it in the dark, you must ensure that it has direct exposure to moonlight. The moonlight will help to activate the Fluorite.

Lay fluorite in sunlight for up to an hour:

You can put Fluorite in the sun, but it is better to just lay it outside in direct sunlight. Leave the stone outside for an hour, but no more than that.


Once the Fluorite has been exposed to the sun for an hour, you can bring it inside.

Place it on top of a selenite slab:

To clear the Fluorite, you can place it on top of a selenite slab. Selenite is a clear, white crystal associated with healing and protection. Placing the Fluorite over the selenite is best to maximize its benefit.

Bury fluorite in the ground for up to 3 days:

Bury the Fluorite in a hole in the ground. Make sure the hole you dig is big enough to accommodate the Fluorite. After that, you should fill the void and cover it with soil. After doing all this, leave it there for three days.

Cover fluorite in brown rice for a day:

When you cover Fluorite with brown rice, it will absorb the negative energy from the fluorite stone. This is a great way to cleanse your Fluorite. After covering it with rice, you can leave it in the sun for a day or two.

Let it rest in a bowl of Himalayan salt for a few hours:

Placing your Fluorite in a bowl of Himalayan salt for about four hours or overnight is a good idea. This can help your Fluorite absorb the Himalayan salt’s positive energies. This will help your Fluorite to purify your aura and your life.

Surround the Fluorite with sound waves:

To maximize the cleansing process, surround the Fluorite with sound waves. The sound waves will help to clear your aura, and this will help you to have more clarity and insight.

Smudge it through sage smoke:

A smudge is a technique used to clear the energy and purify it. It is the opposite of a curse or a blessing. In this method, a person uses a smudging stick to burn a mixture of herbs, like sage and then blows the smoke over the Fluorite. By burning sage, the smoke can get rid of negative energy and bad luck.

Clear lousy energy from Fluorite with your breath:

You can use your breath to clear bad energy from Fluorite. Hold your Fluorite in your right hand and place your left hand over the Fluorite. Just hold the Fluorite stone in front of you and breathe in and out through your mouth. This will clear bad energy from the Fluorite. Do this until the power is removed from the Fluorite.

Method to avoid if you want to purify Fluorite

Avoid using water

One cleansing method you should avoid for fluorite crystals is to wash them with water. This is because moisture can cause the Fluorite to become porous. If this happens, you may not be able to cleanse the stones anymore.

Quick Wrap 

We hope this article helped you in learning how to cleanse Fluorite. You can learn more about fluorite on Wikipedia. This is also the most powerful way to cleanse Fluorite. If you follow all the methods mentioned above, you can eliminate all the impurities from Fluorite.

In addition, fluorine is very beneficial in treating health ailments and diseases. Also, Fluorite is one of the actual gemstones to wear or hold as a necklace.

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