Where to Keep Rose Quartz: 9 Places to Keep it Safely

Rose Quartz is one of the most incredible crystals you may ever come across. Apart from rose quartz spiritual properties, the jewel is known for its elegance and shiny outlook. Therefore, it is used for making different jewelry and decoration items. If you have been recently introduced to this gemstone, you must have additional information on cleaning and storing it.

I have brought a complete guide on where to keep rose quartz in your home or even with yourself if you are traveling. Since Rose quartz is also called the stone of love owing to its properties that keep you within the sphere of love and affection, people carry it in different forms to reap its benefits. So, let’s get started:

1) ​Heart Chakra

In order to have full advantage of the stone concerning its effects on your heart chakra, the best practice is to keep it close to your breastbone or the center of the chest.

This incredible gem will have positive effects of love on your personality, and you will feel loved and confident while wearing it. You can either tape the stone directly on your skin within your undergarments or go for jewelry like a necklace carrying rose quartz.

During meditation sessions, people also wear the stone for the heart chakra to reinforce the effects.

2) In Your Bra Cup

Talking about the spiritual impact of rose quartz, affirmations are the most important thing. Yes, an affirmation is a statement of your purpose that you say to the jewel before you start carrying it. For instance, if you want love, healing, or friendship, you must say it to the stone.

So, after affirmation, you are ready to go. You may place the rose quartz in your bra cup, but ensure you do not have to put it on your dominant side. Yes, it means that if you are right-handed, you will place it on the left side and vice versa.

Where to Keep Rose Quartz

Once you have done it, you will reconnect with the stone off and on during the day by placing your non-dominant hand on the stone and reiterating your affirmations, either aloud or in your head.

3) Under the Pillow

If you struggle to have a nice sleep, pleasant dreams, and even love, or for medical purposes like treating insomnia, it is recommended to place it under your pillow. People also put rose quartz under the pillow, believing they will have good dreams about their next love.

4) Maternity/Baby Clothes

This crystal may work wonders for women who are trying for a baby. Yes, but then you should know where to place to have the maximum effects.

Places to keep rose quartz safely

So, it is proven to be effective while trying for a baby to keep the Rose quartz in your maternity clothes or between the folds of the baby clothes you might be buying for your little one.

5) Gym Wear

Rose quartz is also said to have the power to boost your energy. For that matter, you need to keep it with the clothes you wear for the gym or to do workouts.

This will have positive energy transferred to your clothing, and you will feel all pumped up when you visit the gym next time.

6) On Your Wrist

For a general intention of wearing rose quartz on your body, you can carry it as a jewelry piece. For example, the most common jewelry made of rose quartz comes in the form of bangles and bracelets. However, you should wear it on your non-dominant wrist only.

7) Windows and Doors

You can enjoy having rose quartz in your house with all its spiritual and physical effects. One of the best spots to keep this beautiful gem is close to the open spaces in your home, like windows and doors that open on the outside.

The first important thing about rose quartz placed near the window or doors is to stop negative energies from entering your house. The most effective point here is cleaning your quartz thoroughly before putting it near windows will be most effective.

Another benefit of keeping your rose quartz near the windows is that it keeps the positive energies inside your house, and you can enjoy a happy, energetic life with your family. Being the stone of love, the jewel will keep your family and home within a sphere of love, and you will feel satisfied.

8) In Your Office or Working Space

Apart from domestic matters, rose quartz is also believed to have well for people who use it for professional problems. Yes, whether you have a strained relationship with your colleagues or find it difficult to concentrate on your official matters, you can use this gem to solve your problems.

place rose quartz in n Your Office or Working Space

If you put it on your office table. In that case, you can cope with every professional issue, from motivating your team to boosting your sales and developing healthy professional relationships with the team to even opening new opportunities.

9) For Financial Abundance

The Rose quartz is a sign of material and spiritual abundance. So, you can use it to achieve any of your purposes. If you are going through a testing and hard time or want to be in a better financial status, you can keep this stone in your handbag or purse.

The positive effects of the rose quartz will attract more monetary gains for you. The best way is to keep your quartz with gold or silver jewelry in your purse.


What makes Rose quartz so powerful?

Rose Quartz is composed of different elements. So it carries these elements’ physical and spiritual properties like Silicon and oxygen. It is believed that this is why rose quartz is so powerful.

Does rose quartz become ineffective?

Yes, the quartz may also become ineffective over a while. If you see your stone cracking or losing its shine and its effects on your life, the gem has stopped working.

Where is the best place to keep rose quartz at home?

The best place to keep rose quartz at home is in the bedroom, particularly on your bedside table or under your pillow. This placement is ideal as it promotes a calming and soothing atmosphere, enhancing feelings of love and harmony, which can lead to more restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Can I keep rose quartz in the living room?

Absolutely! The living room is an excellent location to keep rose quartz, especially on a coffee table or a shelf where it can be easily seen and admired. By doing so, the crystal’s loving energy can permeate the entire space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for you and your guests.

Is it suitable to place rose quartz in my workplace or office?

Yes, placing rose quartz in your workplace can be highly beneficial. Consider keeping it on your desk or near your computer to promote a positive, stress-free environment. Rose quartz can help foster better relationships with colleagues and enhance your creativity and productivity.

Can I use rose quartz in my meditation practice?

Absolutely! Rose quartz is a wonderful companion during meditation. Hold the crystal or place it near you while meditating to open your heart chakra, encourage self-love, and invite feelings of inner peace and acceptance.

Are there any places where I should avoid keeping rose quartz?

While rose quartz is versatile and gentle, it’s essential to avoid placing it in areas with excessive moisture or direct sunlight. Also, keep it away from electronic devices as they may interfere with its energy.


So, this concludes the best nine spots where to keep rose quartz. According to your intention and the purpose for which you are using your quartz, you can place them and enjoy the ultimate benefits of this beautiful gem. The rose quartz will bring joy, happiness, and love to your life and the people around you. This is one of the most effective gems for both material and spiritual purposes.