Black Tourmaline: Meanings, Properties, Facts and Cleaning Methods

Black tourmaline, renowned for its earthy and smoky energy, holds incredible value as a highly sought-after stone. It offers many benefits, including inspiration, self-confidence, and potent healing properties that purify the body and mind. Well, this brings us to the question; How to cleanse black tourmaline?

There are various effective methods to cleanse Black Tourmaline crystal. You can choose any of the four methods: water, incense, sunlight, or Selenite. They will help you cleanse quickly and effectively, giving you amazing results.

Understanding and incorporating these techniques into your practice ensures that your black tourmaline remains fresh, vibrant, and ready to provide unwavering support on your spiritual journey.

Why Cleanse Black Tourmaline?

Before exploring the best methods for black tourmaline cleaning, it’s crucial to grasp the importance of this practice. Cleansing black tourmaline is a fundamental ritual that clears any accumulated energies from the stone, allowing it to regain its optimal functionality.

By purifying black tourmaline, you restore its natural energy and enhance its ability to promote clarity, balance, and profound healing properties.

How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline

Here we will talk about the different methods you can use to cleanse black tourmaline. These methods will help you to make your tourmaline pieces more attractive and appealing.

How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline

Method 1 – Water Cleansing

Water, a universal purifier, serves as a natural cleansing agent for black tourmaline. To cleanse your stone, fill a bowl or jar with water – tap water or water collected from a river will suffice. Submerge the black tourmaline in the water, allowing any impurities on the surface to dissolve. This process refreshes the stone, revitalizing its energy and restoring its inherent power.

Method 2 – Selenite Cleansing

Selenite, renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties, is an ideal companion for the purification of black tourmaline. Place your black tourmaline on a piece of selenite, allowing the energy of selenite to penetrate the deepest layers of the stone.

Selenite dissolves impurities or stagnant energies on the surface, leaving the black tourmaline gleaming and rejuvenating. Allow the crystal to rest on the selenite for approximately 12 hours to absorb its purifying energy, then remove it.

Method 3 – Incense Cleansing

Harness the power of incense to cleanse black tourmaline and release any accumulated energies. Select your preferred incense sticks and light them until they emit fragrant smoke. Place the incense sticks in an incense holder and let them burn for 20-30 minutes.

Hold your black tourmaline above the incense as the fragrant smoke fills the space, allowing the purifying smoke to envelop and cleanse the stone. This method purges any stagnant energy, leaving the black tourmaline revitalized and ready to serve its purpose.

Method 4 – Sunlight Cleansing

Embrace the natural energy of sunlight to cleanse your crystal. Find a spot where the crystal can be exposed to direct sunlight for approximately 1-2 hours. Sunlight penetrates the stone, purifying its energy and renewing its properties.

Cleanse Black Tourmaline

After cleansing, ensure you keep the black tourmaline in a shaded area to protect it from excessive heat and prolonged exposure. Sunlight cleansing restores the stone’s vitality and prepares it for optimal use.

FAQs About Black Tourmaline

Which zodiac sign is black tourmaline associated with?

According to Leavy, black tourmaline is associated with the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Libra, and Capricorn. She suggests that individuals born under these sun signs will particularly benefit from the supportive properties of black tourmaline.

Is black tourmaline water safe?

No. Water causes damage to tourmaline. It can also cause damage to other gemstones, like agate, which can turn into a chalky gray, dull-looking stone. Don’t put it in water if you want to keep your tourmaline crystal clear.

How do you wash tourmaline?

Wash Tourmaline jewelry with warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber or other soft cloth. Tuck in a few cotton balls to help absorb moisture and avoid scratches. Rinse well.

Can tourmaline be worn every day?

Yes, Black Tourmaline can be worn every day.

Who can wear tourmaline stone?

Anyone can wear Tourmaline. Tourmaline is worn to improve the quality of the aura. Wearing it on Tuesday and Saturday is not advisable, as these days are when the aura is strongest. Rest all weekdays are favorable for wearing this substitute.

Can I wear black tourmaline to sleep?

No, it’s not recommended to wear any gemstone before bedtime, as this could affect sleep patterns. Black tourmaline has been proven to stimulate the nervous system and should be avoided before bedtime to prevent insomnia.

Can You Cleanse Black Tourmaline In Salt?


Tourmaline crystals are made up of silica which is a mineral compound. It is quite possible that the salt used to cleanse the crystals could react with the silica and cause it to become contaminated and lose its effectiveness. The best way to cleanse the tourmaline is to use a water solution that contains no salt or salt substitute.

Summing up

Black tourmaline holds incredible potential as a remarkable gemstone. Regular cleansing is essential to maintain its effectiveness, and this guide on how to cleanse black tourmaline will help you. By incorporating the power of water, selenite, incense, and sunlight, you can effectively cleanse black tourmaline, enabling it to regain its purity and energy.

Embrace these natural cleansing methods to unlock the full potential of your black tourmaline stone and enhance your spiritual journey. With a cleansed and revitalized black tourmaline, you can harness its potent healing properties and tap into its transformative energy.